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Organic skin care products

Our organic skincare products use ingredients that are organic or are known not to be genetically modified. Olive oil is either organic or sourced from Italy or Greece. We take pride in our ingredients because not just our customers use them, but so do we. It is important to us that our products contain no toxins, artificial ingredients, or fragrances. We do not use essential oils because some individuals are sensitive to scents and these include even essential oils.


Benefits of Shungite

Today’s toxic filled world from chemicals to WiFi energy creates continual attack on pure energy fields and weaken, distort or even destroy them.

Shungite’s Fullerenes are large, energetically powerful molecules emitting an energy field that interacts with other all other energy fields it comes in contact with. When Shungite is added to any lotion or cream, the various ingredients at the energy level become more energetic and pure as their molecules react to the energy field of the Fullerenes.

Not only do they begin to spin more freely, any toxins are eliminated in a confrontation with the Fullerene field. Shungite neutralizes toxins while enhancing the qualities of the natural ingredients comprising the creams and lotions. Shungite also will help preserve those ingredients by essentially fueling the spin of the individual and unique energy fields of those ingredients.

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