Custom Organic Skin Care Products

Invest In Your Skin

Investing in your skin is something only you can do. There are tons of skin care products on the market, but which one is created just for you? None, they are all created for various people. We are all unique and require products that are also unique and created for our specific skin tone, type and issues which we are experiencing. At the same time we want a quality product which is affordable. All of this is what Joyce Wheeler certified Boutique Skincare Designer can do for you. Let Joyce formulated your personal custom skin care products

Important Please Read

Our skin issues can stem from various aspects of our lives such as the environment, our lifestyle or our diet. Unless these other aspects of ones life are not dealt with a product may only aid with relieving some of the issue. Some issues which could have a negative effect on our skin are as follows.

✤ Pollution
✤ Overexposure to the sun
✤ Free radicals
✤ Stress
✤ Diet

Disclaimer: Joyce is not a health care professional and this information is strictly for educational purposes.

Customized Skin Care Products Just for You!

You have two options for filling out the form:

• Online and submit automatically,
• Download the PDF, fill it out and email it to: [email protected]

Custom Skin Care Client Form - Online

Download PDF

After the Custom Care Form is received Joyce will review it and contact you with the ingredients of each product letting you know what each one does. She will also at this time let you know how each is to be used. Once you have gone over her reply if you have any questions or concerns contact Joyce for a discussion. This can only be done one time or there will be an additional cost of $15.00 which will not be applied to the finished product.

Once everything has been discussed and understood we require clients to read and sign the Client Consent Form. This needs to be done and received in order to move forward with creating the actual product/products.

Online Consent Form - Download PDF

As of October 13, 2017 Joyce Wheeler earned her certificate as a Boutique Skincare Designer. While she studied on her own her desire to know more and be able to create specific products for specific clients lead her to take a course for certification. This course gave her more knowledge and specifically the knowledge to create custom products for individuals.