Shungite Bracelets


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Created on a stretch cord that is tied off, Shungite beads are 8 mm, standard size is 7″. If you need a different size/sizes please use the contact form. The form requires a name and email address, so we can match the payment to the custom sizing. Please make sure the name and email address match that which is included in the payment information.

To find out what size is needed use a sewing measuring tape, put it firmly, not tight, around the wrist. Do not leave any slack, the stretch cord will be too big. If you do not have a measuring tape use a stretch bracelet you already own or some bracelet that fits firmly and measure it with a ruler.

Custom Sizing

  • Please let us know what size bracelet you need. If ordering more than one please separate sizes with commas. Example: 8", 5", 9"



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