Shungite Facial Masque


Shungite facial masque gives you that Shungite glow.

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Shungite Glow facial masque will leave your face or someone you love feeling soft, toned, refreshed, nourished and free from free radicals. Skin care products should feed the skin not take away anything it needs to be young and vibrant.

Dry Ingredients

The following come in a 1/4 oz BPA free jar, be sure to open over a small glass bowl to prevent losing any of these precious ingredients.

Shungite Powder

Rhassoul Clay

Wet Ingredients 

The following come in a 1/4 oz BPA free bottle to be kept refrigerated until ready to use. Contains 1 Shungite nugget.

Aloe Vera

Rose, Geranium Hydrosol

Suggested Use

Open the dry container over a small glass bowl, add the wet ingredients and mix until combined. Do not over mix for this may cause the mixture to become dry and clumpy.

Be sure you have cleansed your face with one of the following, Versatile, Daytime Facial Scrub or Night Time Facial Scrub. Mix the ingredients as described above using the spatula enclosed. Use the same spatula to spread the masque evenly over the entire face avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave the masque on for 15 minutes, do not use your face to break the masque as this damages the skin. Apply a warm washcloth or small towel over the face to moisten the masque. Remove thoroughly using gentle downward strokes.

Apply the Tone – N – Tighten serum or the Eye & Face cream.

Important Please Read

Any facial masque should not be used more than once a week. Avoid using the masque the week of a special occasion as they can cause the skin to purge.

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