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Joyce Wheeler founded Heavenly Bodies in 2012. After her husband suffered from health issues she started educating her self on various products and their ingredients. She started to study herbs and while doing so learned how to create a salve. With her sense of curiosity she decided to put some herbs together to create her own soothing salve, which is one of Heavenly Bodies's most popular products.

Joyce's is interest in living a more natural life lead her to conducting research in the areas of food, cleaning products, beauty care, meditation, exercise and more. She began blogging on the topic of homeschooling in 2008, doing curriculum reviews, sharing helpful links along with documenting her experience as she homeschooled her own children. Then as her interested grew in living a more natural lifestyle she began blogging on this topic in 2012 and freelance writing on the topic in 2014. From there she wanted to learn more and share her findings, so in 2015 she started a natural living magazine and podcast. Joyce also gives talks on living natural as she has a strong passion for helping others.

Due to her interest in creating more organic skin care products Joyce enrolled in an organic skin care class in 2016. This has allowed her to learn to create safer products, customize them and has lead to four new products in the Heavenly Body skin care line. She received her certification as a Boutique Skincare Designer on October 13, 2017.

While Joyce's main focus at this time is on Heavenly Body, she continues to do research on all facets of natural living along with the ingredients she uses.

Shungite Benefits for Various Skin Issues

This podcast was recorded back in 2015 with Stephanie Dietz who is very knowledgeable about Shungite. Joyce and Stephanie discuss how Sungite benefits the skin and how it does it

Certified Boutique Skincare Designer

Joyce received certification as a Boutique Skincare Designer from Create Your Skin Care online course in October 2017. Her instructor, Rachael Pontillo, is an aestheticain, author and one of the founders and president of the Nutritional Aesthics Alliance. Rachael is also a speaker and has spoken at various events pertaining to skin care along with creating summits and being a guest on them as well.

Links to Joyce's Work

Health Talks

Joyce is available for speaking engagements, seminars and events geared towards natural/holistic living. She herself has been living a natural lifestyle since 2012 with a focus on preventing illness both physically and mentally. Some of the topics she has spoken on include the following.

Holistic Nutrition

Natural Breast Cancer Prevention

The Importance of the Gut Microbiome

Chronic Stress & Natural Remedies

Combine Eating for Better Digestion

Journey to a Better Quality of Life Naturally